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We are taking you back to the roots, to the forest, to the mountain, to the meadow, to the stream. The adventures we offer are the best opportunity to challenge yourself, relieve stress, strengthen your immunity, and overcome the limits you have set for yourself.

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EAGLE'S ROCKS loop free hiking tour

Duration:  1 day(s)
Start Date: 09.03.2024.
WHAT ARE WE PLANNING? Eagles are increasingly rare over the forests and fields of Fruška Gora; it seems as if they have lifted their wings from everything, even abandoning the Eagle's Rocks. These rocks were formed around 200 million years ago and were once inhabited by these magnificent celestial rulers. WHAT ARE WE VISITING? BEOČIN […]
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VRDNIK TOWER loop free hiking tour

Duration:  1 day(s)
Start Date: 10.03.2024.
WHAT ARE WE PLANNING? A walk that will bring us closer to the enchanting landscape of the Vrdnik region. In one day, we conquer the tower, stroll along the stream, drink from the spring, and simply escape from the city! WHAT ARE WE VISITING? ZMAJEVAC VIEWPOINT - VRDNIK TOWER - BABIN GUZ SPRING - BRANKOVAC […]
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Duration:  2 day(s)
Start Date: 15.03.2024.
WHAT ARE WE PLANNING? Let the mild March sun caress our faces as we stroll carefree with the most beautiful view of the Bay of Kotor! If there is a better way to bid farewell to winter and welcome spring, you tell us... IN SHORT KOTOR BAY TOUR DATE: 15.03.2024 - 17.03.2024. APPLICATIONS DUE BY: […]
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Duration:  1 day(s)
Start Date: 23.03.2024.
WHAT ARE WE PLANNING? Since hiking is not just recreation but also a space for socializing, exchanging thoughts, and new ideas, this time we've decided to awaken our creative side and join forces with our dear hiker, Ivana, to create something new! Ivana Pilipović (Instagram: slikaj_sa_ivanom) is a young artist from Novi Sad who has […]
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Petrovaradin fortress and underground tunels

Duration:  1 day(s)
Start Date: 24.03.2024.
WHAT ARE WE PLANNING? This time, we've decided to take a slightly different walk. The main difference is that, instead of height, we'll be exploring depth! The plan is to take a unique circuit around Petrovaradin Fortress, including a part beneath it! IN BRIEF PETROVARADIN FORTRESS AND UNDERGROUND TUNELS DATE: 24.03.2024. ‼️ REGISTRATIONS UNTIL 19.03. […]
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Duration:  1 day(s)
Start Date: 30.03.2024.
WHAT ARE WE PLANNING? Sometime in spring, while the Carpathian snow slowly melts, rivers swell, and nature turns green, we will follow the path once destined by mountain fairies. We will gaze into the clearest Romanian waters, caress the gentle moss, wash directly from waterfalls—let it be a day to remember! The canyons of Nera […]
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Duration:  2 day(s)
Start Date: 06.04.2024.
WHAT ARE WE PLANNING? The most beautiful forest beyond the Drina River, the heart of Bosnia. Romanija awaits us with open arms, ready to offer us the warmest green embrace. Of course, that's not all; the next day awaits us with a magnificent view of Tara and the most famous meander of the Drina, from […]
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Duration:  1 day(s)
Start Date: 12.04.2024.
WHAT ARE WE PLANNING? Oh, Slovenia, those enchanting Julian Alps. Deep, right behind Triglav, nestled beneath Mangart, lies the Soča Valley! With a turquoise river straight out of a fairytale! You know when you're looking at something and you're not sure if you're dreaming or if reality is indeed this beautiful... Just let yourself go, […]
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LAGHI DI FUSINE by Hiking tour Serbia

Duration:  1 day(s)
Start Date: 19.04.2024.
WHAT ARE WE PLANNING? We are heading towards the tri-border area of Italy, Austria, and Slovenia, towards the border between the Julian and Carnic Alps. There, the Fusine Lakes await us, with their pearl-like colors... Let's search for our reflection in them!   SUMMARY LAGHI DI FUSINE DATE: April 19-21, 2024. ‼️APPLICATIONS DUE BY April […]
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IVANA´S PAINTING WORKSHOP 4 by Hiking tour Serbia

Duration:  1 day(s)
Start Date: 21.04.2024.
WHAT ARE WE PLANNING? As hiking isn't just about recreation but also a space for socializing, exchanging ideas, and fostering creativity, this time we've decided to awaken our creative side and collaborate with our dear hiker Ivana to create something new! Ivana Pilipović (Instagram: paint_with_ivana) is a young artist from Novi Sad who has organized […]
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And what do people say about us?

“A unique team that takes care of everything, perfectly organized, cheerful, smiling and full of energy. It's a great pleasure to travel with them with extraordinary walks and socializing. The best choice for unforgettable trips and memories!”
Maja Radulović
PhD student at the Faculty of Biology, research associate
“Natural beauty and cultural heritage on these tours are breathtaking, but what leaves the strongest impression is the positive energy and atmosphere of the guides and other participants. Let's hike!”
Ivan Hornjak
Data analyst
“I am happy that Hiking Tour Serbia exists. Every tour with my dear organization is a real adventure that is long remembered and retold. The guides are a great team of energetic young people, and the hiker's company is always cheerful and in the mood for a warm kettle or mulled wine.”
Mila Ajder
Software tester

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Do you not fit into our dates, or do you want to see something specific? Do you like to go alone or with a select group of friends? Do you want to make someone happy? These are just some of the tours we have prepared for you...
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Hiking day is a good day!

Spend a day or two in nature, the most beautiful gift you can give to your body and spirit. Opportunity to learn something about nature, culture, tradition, with unforgettable walks and the inevitable great atmosphere, which reduces all our efforts to a minimum and brings energy to a maximum.
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In nature for a better team

Your workspace is an office, you work hard to grow your company, you are bored with standard types of team building... Take a walk of your choice with your team, in accordance with the possibilities of the participants, we will organize an unforgettable adventure.
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Kids just love nature!

Staying in nature, learning through walking and playing with other children are rare healthy activities, your little ones can only benefit from. Let's make the youth natural!
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We don't want nature to just endlessly give to us without us giving anything in return. We won't allow it to ever tire of everything it provides us, and we'll strive not to harm it, as well as convince others to do the same, to keep it clean and healthy, because it's not difficult for us
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