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Hiking tour Serbia, initially a project of the Ekotopia association in 2020, grew into a mountaineering society in June 2023 and became part of the Mountaineering Association of Serbia. The primary goal is to reconnect people with nature. It seems that over time, that connection has weakened, and the human race has suffered from chronic unnaturalness. So distant from each other, and even from ourselves, dragging the burden of the age in which we live, we exist tired, sleepless and sluggish. Real and forgotten values ​​do not pass, every day we remind ourselves of that through endless walks, through many other outdoor activities. The times are so crazy, and it seems like only in nature we can be really safe and calm. We can breathe bushes and sedges, drink pure rivers, listen to the song of birds, soak up the freshly awakened life, that wakes up only when everyday city noise dissapear.
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Our team, our strength

Goran Pejković

A great travel enthusiast, especially exploring non-traditional corners of the world. Since 2015, he has been working as a tourist guide, and from 2017, he becomes a lover of nature and hiking.

Lazar Milošević

A lover of nature, history, and life. Exploring, reading, hiking, meeting new people, and stories are passions that always lead to new adventures.

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