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SWITZERLAND TOUR by Hiking tour Serbia

Start Date: 18.09.2024.
Departure Time: 12:00h
Duration: 4 day(s)
Departure Place: Beograd, Novi Sad
Destination: Švajcarska
Fee: 330 eur


This time, we dared to create something truly spectacular! Switzerland! Yes, you read it right, we're going to Switzerland! Where the meadows are the greenest, lakes are at every turn, and waterfalls seem endless! We are heading to the heart of the Alps to fulfill hiking dreams!




DATE: September 18-23, 2024.

!!! REGISTRATION DEADLINE: July 18, 2024!!!

FEE: EUR 330 (INCLUDED: transportation, 3x overnight stays with breakfast, 2x hiking, organization)

ACCOMMODATION: EIGER LODGE (Rooms: 1/4 and 1/6 with shared bathrooms, additional charge for 1/2 room is 50 EUR per person if accommodation has available rooms of this type)



September 18-19, 2024. BELGRADE – NOVI SAD – LAUTERBRUNNEN VALLEY (Staubbach and Trummelbach Waterfalls) – GRINDELWALD


Departure from BELGRADE and NOVI SAD around 12 PM (noon or thereabouts) and a leisurely drive to Switzerland.

In the early morning hours, we arrive at the incredible LAUTERBRUNNEN valley known for its dramatic cliffs cascading water from the heart of the Alps, forming 72 waterfalls. Those videos you’ve seen online where waterfalls plunge above villages? That’s here!

We will have a very easy hike through the valley where we’ll get close to the STAUBBACH falls, which drop from a dizzying height of 300m, and TRUMMELBACH, known for the option to go behind the waterfall. Those who wish can pay extra on-site and experience something truly unique!

After the hike, we expect a short drive to nearby GRINDELWALD, check into rooms, and relax for the rest of the day in a beautiful setting surrounded by mountain giants.

September 20, 2024. GRINDELWALD – KANDERSTEG – LAKE OESCHINEN (Optional)


In the early morning hours, we'll have a short drive to KANDERSTEG and start the hike to one of the most beautiful lakes Switzerland has to offer. Given that there are over 1500 lakes, competition is tough.

However, this is what you’ve likely seen on social media. Characterized by its nearly vertical cliffs as if someone dug a hole at a perfect right angle in the mountain just to place a lake there! And the color of the water? A turquoise that is found in very few places on the planet. We will hike to the lake's shore and then around to a couple of viewpoints to fully appreciate this natural wonder!

September 21, 2024. GRINDELWALD – STOOS RIDGE (Optional)


In the early morning hours, we have a short drive passing by lakes Brienz and Lucerne. Then we arrive at Switzerland's steepest funicular, which takes us to the small village of STOOS surrounded on one side by perfect green meadows and on the other by dramatic mountain ridges.

We will undertake what is officially Switzerland’s most beautiful ridge hike! The trail is perfectly maintained and secured, with views that inspire the imagination... On one side is Lake Lucerne, and on the other, the eternal snows of the Alps bring fresh air perfumed with the most beautiful wildflowers. It's hard to imagine a more picturesque hike!

After returning, if there is time, we’ll also visit the city of LUCERNE to take a few steps on the world's oldest wooden bridge and reflect in the lake that has been beneath our feet all day!

September 22-23, 2024. GRINDELWALD – TICINO (Verzasca Valley) – NOVI SAD – BELGRADE

In the morning, we pack our stuff in the bus and slowly start the return journey. Passing various lakes and mountains, trying to remember as many details as possible to keep them in our memory forever.

After a few hours, we turn off the main road to at least glimpse the famous VERZASCA valley in the TICINO region, known for its small mountain villages with idyllic traditional stone houses.

We'll take a short photo break to behold the turquoise waters of Verzasca and take a brief walk through one of the surrounding villages, stepping back a few hundred years.

The journey continues towards Serbia, where

we plan to arrive the next day in the early morning hours.


- A smile, good mood, as well as good health.
- Plenty of water, at least 2L per hike, snacks, refreshments for the climbs and walks ahead.
- Food, fruits, snacks, candies for breaks during walks.
- Comfortable and sturdy, adequate footwear for walking in nature.
- If you already have your favorite walking stick, bring it, if not, nature has your new favorite.
- Cap/hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, whatever you consider necessary for protection in case of strong sunlight.
- Spare/replacement clothing, warm and dry clothes within reach, after each walk.
- Swimsuit, towel, slippers


- The number of registrations will be limited, and participation in the trip is EXCLUSIVELY for members of the HIKING SOCIETY HTS (ID:28748817) (Contact us for details regarding membership and purchasing stamps for 2024) or any hiking society within PSS

- Fee: RSD 22600 (Accommodation 3x overnight stays with breakfast, goes to the association's account upon registration) and EUR 130 (Given during the trip for transportation costs, entrance fees, parking, and tolls)

- Optional hikes are LAKE OESCHINEN (EUR 20 includes guiding, transportation, and parking) and STOOS RIDGE (EUR 50 includes transportation, the world's steepest funicular, guiding)

- The fee does NOT include the mandatory tourist tax of CHF 5.2 per night, payable at the accommodation

- Organizers reserve the right to change the program due to unforeseen circumstances, inability to access certain sections, or even cancellation of the trip

- Please send us the number of people, their names, phone numbers, and departure location along with membership confirmation when registering. After registration and payment due to the proximity of the event, it will be impossible to cancel transportation and accommodation, and therefore no refunds, but substitution of the registered person will be possible.

- This tour is NOT recommended for people with heart or any other conditions that could be adversely affected by physical activity.

- Please be PRECISE and ACCURATE regarding the departure time, and on the other hand, let's not stick too strictly to the walk duration schedule.

- We ask all participants of our walks to bring EXCLUSIVELY POSITIVE VIBRATIONS, A CHEERFUL SPIRIT, AND GOOD MOOD. See you.

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