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Ivana's Painting Workshop vol.2 by Hiking tour Serbia

Start Date: 19.11.2023.
Departure Time: 09:00h
Duration: 1 day(s)
Departure Place: Manastir Vrdnik
Destination: Fruška gora


Since a hike is not just recreation but also a space for socializing, exchanging opinions, and new ideas, this time we've decided to awaken our creative side and collaborate with our dear hiker Ivana to create something new!

Ivana Pilipović (Instagram: ispalo_mi_ime) is a young Novi Sad artist who has already organized a large number of interesting workshops for beginners and experienced individuals. She is eager to show us how to channel our creativity. We'll try to gather as much inspiration during the walk to be ready for it!

In Brief:

Ivana's Painting Workshop vol.2 by Hiking tour Serbia

Date: November 19, 2023

Application Deadline: November 13, 2023


Fee: 3500 RSD (INCLUDES: painting workshop with Ivana, canvas, paint, brushes, and all the painting equipment, guidance, and organization)


Ravanica Monastery - Remains of Stari Jazak Monastery - Nadine Cascades - Ravanica Monastery - Painting Workshop with Ivana

Route Length: 10km Elevation Difference: 200m Difficulty: Easy

On November 19, 2023, at 9 AM, we gather at the parking lot of the Ravanica Monastery in Vrdnik (Exact location: Google Maps). You should arrive at least 10 minutes early at the location. Arrival by your own transportation; if someone doesn't have it, we might have a few available spots to arrange something.

Right from the start, we'll have a chance to get acquainted with the famous VRDNIČKA RAVANICA Monastery, and soon with its secrets.

Shortly afterward, we come across a meadow with a fantastic view of the monastery and the entire Vrdnik village, and then the path leads into the forest, with us following it.

Deep in the woods, we find the remains of the once extremely important STARI JAZAK Monastery. Unfortunately, not much remains of this building, but there's enough to remind us of its former existence. For a while, the path takes us out of the forest, but soon returns us to an even more beautiful setting when we reach the Srneći Potok.

Following the stream, we arrive at one of the most beautiful and less-known waterfalls of Fruška Gora, the NADINE CASCADES. After enjoying the forest and the stream, we return along the same route to the starting point.

Upon return, we move to the ZMAJEVAC mountaineering lodge, where inspired by the sound of the water and the untouched nature, we'll have a chance to transfer what we've seen onto canvas. Of course, with the expert help of our dear Ivana!

What to Bring for Hiking:

  • Smile, good spirits, and good health.
  • Plenty of water (minimum 2 liters per hike), packed snacks for multiple meals, refreshments for uphill climbs and walks.
  • Comfortable and sturdy footwear for nature walks, comfortable clothing.
  • If you have a favorite hiking stick, bring it. If not, nature is hiding your new favorite.
  • Cap/hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, anything to protect you in case of strong sun.
  • Raincoat, spare clothing, a warm and dry change of clothes within easy reach after each hike.

Important Notes:

  • The number of registrations will be limited, and the right to attend the trip is STRICTLY for members of the HIKING TS Mountaineering Society (Contact us for details regarding membership and the purchase of 2023 membership cards) or any mountaineering society within the Mountaineering Association of Serbia, as well as members of the EKOTOPIA association.
  • As part of the fee, participants receive participation in the painting workshop with Ivana (designed for everyone regardless of previous experience), canvas, paint, brushes, and all the equipment for painting, guidance, and organization.
  • Organizers reserve the right to change the program due to unforeseen circumstances, inability to access certain sections, or even trip cancellation.
  • When registering, please send the number of people, their names, phone numbers, and the departure location with confirmation of membership in our organization. After registration and payment, refunds are not possible, but a potential substitution of a registered person will be possible.
  • The tour is NOT recommended for individuals with heart or any other conditions that may be adversely affected by physical activity.

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