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LAGHI DI FUSINE by Hiking tour Serbia

Start Date: 19.04.2024.
Departure Time: 21:00h
Duration: 1 day(s)
Departure Place: Beograd, Novi Sad
Destination: Laghi di Fusine
Fee: 65 eur


We are heading towards the tri-border area of Italy, Austria, and Slovenia, towards the border between the Julian and Carnic Alps. There, the Fusine Lakes await us, with their pearl-like colors... Let's search for our reflection in them!




DATE: April 19-21, 2024.

‼️APPLICATIONS DUE BY April 15, 2024.‼️

PARTICIPATION FEE: €65 (INCLUDES: transportation, organization, guidance)



April 19-21, 2024. BELGRADE - NOVI SAD - LAGHI DI FUSINE (Italy)

ELEVATION GAIN: 500-700M (depending on the trail's conditions)


Departure in the late evening of April 19 from BELGRADE AND NOVI SAD.

In the early morning hours, we arrive at the Upper Fusine Lake, nestled among high Alpine peaks. The color of its water will leave us breathless from the start.

We stroll along the lake shores, then enter a beautiful coniferous forest and hike towards the Luigi Zacchi mountain hut, from whose terrace there is a phenomenal view of the surrounding rocky peaks.

If the snow has melted, we continue along the surrounding paths with a few viewpoints overlooking the lakes, then descend directly to the Lower Lake. Otherwise, we return along the same path, making a loop around the lower lake with a break for enjoyment and lunch on the shore.

After the hike, we return to Serbia overnight between Saturday and Sunday.



- Smile, good mood, and good health.
- Plenty of water, at least 2 liters per hike, snacks from the backpack for multiple meals, refreshments for the ascents and hikes ahead.
- Comfortable and sturdy, appropriate footwear for nature walks, comfortable clothing.
- If you already have your favorite stick, bring it along, otherwise, nature might reveal your new favorite.
- Cap/hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, whatever you think would protect you in case of strong sun.
- Raincoat, spare/change of clothes, warm and dry cover within reach after each hike.


  • The number of applications will be limited, and the right to attend the trip is EXCLUSIVELY reserved for members of the HTS MOUNTAINEERING SOCIETY (Contact us for details regarding membership and purchase of 2024 stamps) or any mountaineering society within the PSS
  • Registration fee: 3600 RSD (Transportation, to be paid to the association upon registration) and 4000 RSD (To be paid during the trip for entrance fees, parking fees, tolls).
  • Organizers reserve the right to change the program due to unforeseen circumstances, the inability to access certain sections, or even cancellation of the trip.
  • Please provide the number of people, their names, phone numbers, and the departure location when registering, along with confirmation of membership in our organization. After registration and payment, it will be impossible to cancel transportation due to the proximity of the event, and therefore, no refund will be possible, but a potential replacement of the registered person will be allowed.
  • For this trip, travel insurance coverage in accordance with Article 86, paragraph 3 of the Tourism Law is not provided.
  • The tour is NOT RECOMMENDED for individuals with heart or any other conditions that physical activity may adversely affect.
  • Please be PRECISE AND PUNCTUAL regarding the departure time, but on the other hand, let's not strictly adhere to the duration schedule of the walk.
  • We kindly ask all participants in our walks to bring ONLY POSITIVE VIBES, A CHEERFUL SPIRIT, AND GOOD MOOD. See you.
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